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Novak Rogić
Web Strategy Manager
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Common Uses:

Teaching and learning

  • Include easy-to-use web technology for course and other academic needs
  • Facilitate the easy creation of departmental, group or campus-wide interactive web space
  • Provide easier access to create, share and republish UBC learning resources (e.g. publishing your documentation as a PDF book using the UBC Wiki).

Communication and marketing

  • Create an online community for faculties, departments or any UBC initiatives.
  • Provide a departmental communication and marketing tool  (e.g. using social media as a method to reach out to prospective students).
  • Enable a social networking space for various students needs, initiatives or clubs (e.g. joining a Thunderbirds’ hockey fans group).
  • Connect students, faculty, and staff through managed forums and groups that can be focused around various aspects of studying, working or living at UBC.

Content management

  • Add private groups and forums to your websites
  • Enable your department to have an intranet-like group space.
  • Work hand in hand with the UBC Wiki for sharing your UBC resources.