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Conducting an On-line Survey

Thanks to all of our participants, the Cognitive-Walkthrough (CW) and Think-Aloud (TA) sessions are done. Overall we had 10 CW and 17 TA participants. The results were very interesting and were presented as a poster at SOUPS 2019 (take a look at the poster extended abstract here).

As the next step of our study,  we plan to conduct an online survey on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) to validate and refine our findings about users’ perception of, experience with, and attitudes towards SL. Online survey was selected as the data collection method because it would enable us to obtain a representative sample of smartphone user population. For the CW and TA studies, our participant sample was not representative (as with most qualitative studies) which limited the generalizability of the study findings. We believe that the survey findings can offer insights into (1) the factors that influence Android users’ decisions about using SL, (2) their perception of SL usability, security, and privacy, and (3) particular scenarios in which they perceive significant value in employing SL. These findings can contribute to the understanding of the role and place of implicit authentication (IA) for smartphones.