A refurbished business model



It makes sense to believe that protests would definitely drag product sales on that certain area down. However, reports showed that sales of food, apartments or even luxuries (Rolex) in Hong Kong did not affect by the pro-democracy protests. While I was trying to evaluate this case on the business model in external environment ,none of the areas suited this situation.

I figured out that the current model doesn’t support how accidental factors impact businesses.  Therefore, Corporations should include analysis on unexpected events and how it affects the building blocks in the business model canvas when developing their business plan. This will allow them to forecast ahead and react quickly to prevent huge loss in the future. While it is great to consider the worst, they should also construct a best-case scenario for their businesses. For instance, surging tourists from events such as the Olympics or World cup will increase sales of product, thus, affects revenue streams and diversify customer segments in the canvas. In this way, companies will have a more comprehensive understanding of their businesses and how it triggers growth or loss when surprising events occur.


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