Why Evernote Is Everyone’s Go-To Note-Taking Software

First look on Evernote Context in their annual conference, EC4, this month

First look on Evernote Context in their annual conference, EC4, this month

Like many other start-up apps, Evernote started with one simple job in mind: note-taking. Along with the increasing use of laptops and tablets, its founder, Stephan Pachikov, recognize that note-taking is a daily activity that customers want to get done quickly, but in an organized manner. But what makes the Evernote progressively different than other note-taking platforms out there?

When Rise and Trout talks about positioning, they say it is a battle for the mind. So instead of getting the “product right”, Evernote focuses on getting the “right product” for its customers by getting their job done. They are constantly expanding and adding new features to Evernote as a follow up to their start-up success.

Most recently, the Evernote Context is making headlines on tech blogs this month, with one stating that by bringing in Context, it is also positioning itself as a place where people can not only create content, but now also discover new content.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Evernote is taking the route of expanding through other platforms by bringing in third party sources into their app, recognizing the importance of interaction in today’s society. Not only does this create a networking advantage for the company, but it also gets another of our daily tasks done easier in one software.

In essence, Evernote took a common point of parity and expand it successfully through their features, which act as their points of difference.

Bottom line: Evernote gets your job done.

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