Allyship at Work

What harm can bias do in groups? Can allyship help?

Today, we’ll explore these questions with Ada. Let’s see how gender bias relates to her experiences at work.

Ada (she/her)

A headshot of Ada

  • 32 years old
  • Civil Engineer, works at a firm that focuses on infrastructure projects
  • Has worked at the firm for 3 years
  • Loves going on walks with her dog & expanding her tea collection

What is gender bias?

Research suggests that both men and women have equally negative stereotypes about the other gender. Gender bias occurs when these gender stereotypes come through in our interactions with others.

Gender bias in the workplace can look like:

  • Making a demeaning joke about women in front of colleagues
  • Asking a nonbinary co-worker to sit out of a key meeting with a client due to their gender
  • Assuming a man is not interested in a role that involves providing emotional support

Although we’re focused on stereotypes about men and women, gender isn’t binary–stereotypes about genderqueer / non-binary people also exist.


Our journey with Ada has 4 chapters:

Each chapter will have a slightly different simulator to focus on specific aspects of gender bias and allyship.

You can skip ahead or return to a different chapter at any time by using the navigation menu at the top of the screen.

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