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Hola amigos! I don’t actually know how to speak Spanish, I’m only trying to act cool 🙁 . Although I am from the Philippines and we were once colonized by the Spanish, so I know a handful of words. Being half Chinese and half Filipino meant I was raised in a multicultural environment, and it has allowed me to be more open towards diversity.

People always ask me why I travelled all the way to Canada to study in a country that is unfamiliar to me. I usually answer by saying it’s beautiful here in Vancouver, but other than that, I chose to study abroad because I truly enjoying being immersed in new and different cultures. As a traveller, I have seen a wide array of cultures, but what brought me here to Vancouver specifically is it’s unique diversity as a city.

I joined Arts One because I appreciate great literature and critical thinking. I look forward to reading Disciple & Punishment by Foucault, and A Discourse on Inequality by Rousseau. These books interest me because I have heard much about these authors and their works, but I never had the opportunity to read and study them.

Throughout the year I hope that I would be able to improve my writing skills. They say practice makes perfect, and I think Arts One will give me a ton of practice in writing. I really just hope I don’t end up cramming most of my essays.

I’m pretty simple and I love hanging out and just chatting about life. If you need someone to talk to or rant to, I’m always here. Cheers!