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During the first read of Plato Republic, I found it hard to understand Book I because it was entirely different to any texts that I’ve ever read. Hearing two philosophers talk using the Socratic method was a very perplexing to me.Then when I got to Book II which Hendricks’ lecture pointed out was a revising of the first, it opened my eyes to the topic of justice. Exactly what is just and unjust? Hendricks talks about the best, middle, and worst forms of ranking in lives, and how Socrates needs to change this view to the rest of society. I think this is a crucial point that needs to be discussed.
 And after hearing the Lecture and my read on Plato Republic, the thought that came into my mind at first were the existential themes discussed in previous seminars. This texts talks about remaking a city–ergo a new way to live. I was especially partaken with the idea of changing Greek myths to children in order to changer their mindset, and The Kallipolis–keeping rulers and auxiliaries from being corrupted.
I agree with the idea of Philosophers ruling instead of usual Greek government, but I would like to go deeper regarding the Republics mention of the 9 months of tyranny.

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