Application Process

All UBC graduate-level students with a strong interest in entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply.

Application Overview

Students cannot self-register for this course. There is an application process, and admitted students are registered via the respective graduate offices. Students should keep 3 credits free for the term in which the course is offered (no credit space required for the preliminary classes for team formation)  RHL students must keep: 1.5 credits free for each of the two terms in which the course is offered (again, no credit space required for the preliminary classes for team formation).  Typically, students will receive a response within 7 days of the submission deadlines.

The application process is on-line.   The following information is requested.   Please prepare ahead of launching the on-line application page.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone (in-case we cannot reach you)
  • Student number
  • Program
  • Graduate Degree(s) and specialization(s)
  • Undergrad school
  • Undergrad Major
  • Work Experience (3 most recent applicable jobs, including internships/co-op if you wish – list company name, title, and your most significant contribution.
  • Any course you have taken that may relate to entrepreneurship
  • Motivation to take this course? Professional aspirations?
  • Outline a problem or opportunity theme or themes (not a specific solution) that interests you and may be suitable for this class. This will be used to start to group together people with similar interests. For example, you might indicate an interest in wearable med-tech, but there is no need to specify the specific condition nor the solution at this stage.
  • You will also be required to submit a resume (or Linked-In profile link).
  • APSC/STEM graduate students (PhD and Masters where applicable) MUST submit a letter of permission from their faculty advisor approving participation in this course (typically for students already engaged in thesis work).   If you do not yet have an advisor,  this is not required.


Tech Entrepreneurship is a very popular course and is typically over-subscribed every year.  If admitted to BAEN 506/APSC 541, students will need to enroll in the class with the understanding that they will be committing to a team effort that cannot tolerate drops or absences, and requires meeting as a team outside of class time. Dropping the course late denies someone else of a place as late sign-ups are not possible once teams are formed. There are mandatory pre-course meetings for ALL students (see schedule on main page).  By submitting an application, students are committing that if accepted and subsequently enrolled into the course, they will attend all classes in full.


To access the application, please <click here> or access via the QR code listed below.

Upon submission of your application, you should receive an email acknowledging the submission.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Fraser Pogue (