Thank you for visiting my web-based presentation page! My name is Diana Pan and I am a fifth year Commerce student. I study commercial real estate at Sauder but I’ve always loved animals. I took APBI 314 with Dr. Fraser last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is actually through that course that I learned of the horrifically cruel and extremely widespread use of battery cages in the egg industry of which I was completely oblivious of before. I quickly became deeply fascinated with this area of study and hence selected this as the topic of my research paper.

eggsSource: New York Times

This web-based presentation form of my paper will aim to cover the topic of the use of battery cages in the egg industry thoroughly by discussing the history, prevalence and current legislation surrounding this housing system. It will also investigate the welfare implications of this housing system through biological knowledge, known health issues, and stakeholders’ values. Finally, there will be discussion of three examples of alternative housing systems and perform a cost-benefit analysis of these technologies. Please have a click through to find out more!