Welcome to BIOL 343, PLANTS AND PEOPLE.   In this course we will discuss the origin and dispersal of food, drug and economic plants, the roles of plants on human societies, and how humans have impacted the vegetative world. Notice in the course title, plants are listed first….that is because to understand these many interactions you need to know quite a bit about these amazing organisms.  So…..in BIOL 343 you are going to learn about a lot of things…..the ecology, structure, reproduction, taxonomy, and chemistry of plants.  Our primary focus will be on flowering plants (angiosperms) as humans rely on them for our existence; without them we wouldn’t be!  We will explore topics such as how plants feed us and spice up our lives from flavours to colour, alter human perception, heal, poison, as well as investigate their cultural uses past and present.

Synchronous (In-Person): Students will have ~4 hours per week of synchronous instruction (online face-to-face): one 1-hour Lecture/Group work style and one 3-hour Lab (3:00pm – 6:00pm)

On-line Activities Include:
– Lectures with accompanying quizzes
– Virtual Fieldtrips
– Self-Guided Lab Exercise with accompanying quiz

– The course platform is canvas; Collaborate Ultra will be used for synchronous instruction.
– Students will be required to interact online that includes being able to take pictures and upload them onto the course website.
– This course is life science/biology credit for all students (including those in Biology)

Course Information: Outline_2020

Instructor: Shona Ellis
Professor of Teacher
Botany Department
University of British Columbia