About the Café

The Biorenewables Café is an informal monthly meeting where ‘green energy’ enthusiasts get together over coffee and beer to discuss the most recent policies, research, innovations and achievements surrounding the biorenewables sector. Bioenergy and innovative bio-products are the center of discussion but other clean energy related topics are also welcome. Whether your interest is in the science and technology, sustainability, business or policy of biorenewables, the Biorenewables Café is a hot spot to share your ideas and to find out about recent developments in the sector.

Although the Café was born at UBC, it is not a seminar or a lecture; it is a friendly gettogether which may include a casual talk by an invited speaker.

You don’t need a background in science and technology, sustainability or any specific subject to join the conversation. Just come interested and with an open mind and let’s talk about biorenewables over a drink. Lively discussions guaranteed!

To receive more information about upcoming Biorenewables Café events email biorenewablescafe@gmail.com.

Next Café: April 22nd

Topic: The emerging BC forest bio-economy: What does Origami have to do with bio-materials?

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