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CWL Login Issues

For the last three days UBC Blogs along with other UBC services relying on CWL have been experiencing login issues. IT services is attempting to resolve these issues.

LAST201: Popular Culture in Latin America

LAST201 “Popular Culture in Latin America” The culture of everyday life, both rural and urban: issues of identity, popular memory, resistance, negotiation, as expressed through ritual, crafts, the body, social movements, films, music, and literature.



Course blog on “The Art and Arhitecture of Iran” seeks to explore the vibrant traditions of the art and architecture of one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Iran.

Science Fiction and the City

Science Fiction and the City

Science Fiction & the City (ASTU 400D / 002) is a Student Directed Seminar currently in progress at UBC Vancouver, designed by Matthew Blunderfield and sponsored by Dr. Gisele M. Baxter.

UBC Blog Squad

The Blog Squad is a group of students that have been chosen to write about their experiences at UBC. They write about a wide range of topics, from academics to sports to movies. They allow anyone to easily see what student life at UBC is really like.