What a breakfast!

My first post this month (late, I know) and it was great seeing all the new bloggers and some alumni. Nice meeting you all who were there (I remember Sam, Tyler, Courtney, Josella, Glenn, Chanel, and Kim I think. Sorry if I forgot to mention others I may have forgotten!).

To those who missed out, we had a nice breakfast FEAST. Breakfast sausages, pancakes (and one heart shaped one!), timbits, bananas, grapes, cookies.. definitely enough to feed a family of 8 or something. It was interesting to hear you guys speak about your experiences on UBC so far and definitely had a lot of laughs about science vs. arts courses! Organic Chem is a great course Chanel!

Hopefully I’ll get to meet the others some other time. Keep those blog posts going! I promise to.. eventually!