The End of the World

A lot of people think that the world is going to be ending next month. It’s a big thought for many people, and the anxiety grows as we get closer and closer to December.

But I’m not talking about December 21, 2012. I’m talking about final exams.

Instead of worrying about your final exams, why not prepare for them so you’re ready when they arrive? Take advantage of some of the free resources available to you on campus! (Such as free pizza to keep your mind working when you really want to sleep instead!)

Check out these Deal With December Now workshops and a workshop on Exam-Writing Strategies to gain some valuable skills to help you conquer your finals! Whether it’s your first time taking final exams at UBC, or the tenth season taking final exams, these workshops will help you polish up on your skills to prepare for final exams! And rumour on the street has it that there will be free pizza at these workshops ;) Be sure to register soon, as seats are limited!

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