Tyler’s Twitter Digest for 2012-12-31

  • Heading out early from a New Years Party. Great to catch up with Jordan, Alex, Tim, and @luami2lu , and to meet everyone else! 20:46:55, 2012-12-31
  • some other mommy cat. Either way, it's cute within ten seconds of being yours." -Oatmeal's How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you 11:14:52, 2012-12-31
  • "Having a Baby. Comes shrieking out of a vagina like some kind of jam-covered goblin. Having a Cat. Comes from a pet store or … 11:14:32, 2012-12-31
  • Sometimes I really want to rant about something, but too much time has passed, making it seem, to me, inappropriate… http://t.co/sbyRgiZX 08:50:39, 2012-12-31
  • "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin 08:15:47, 2012-12-31
  • "Nothing can be more useful to a man than a determination not to be hurried." -Henry David Thoreau 07:25:28, 2012-12-31

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