Semester 1 Review

Hey Everyone, Hope you all had a great break.  I never did a review of courses I took last sen so here: :)

Stats 200

Probably my favourite course this semester, and I was expecting it to be the worse.  I had Yew Lim, and I really liked him as a prof.  Even though it seemed like he went fast he explained things really clearly to me.  I went to about 95% of lectures and for a 9AM class I didn’t think that’d be possible for me.  The labs were straight forward too, and between clickers, lab, and online quizzes there are a lot of free points.  The first midterm was hard, it was in the morning so I pulled an allnighter (smh) but I got an A so it was worth it.  The only thing thats annoying is that the other section has a midterm different than ours, and much easier, our class average was like 64, and the other class average was 78.  Apparently they scale our class up and the other class would get scaled down.  All I know is that with my final mark in the class I didn’t see any scaling…makes me wish I stayed in the later section that I was in initially, but then again I liked the teaching style of Professor Lim better.  All in all a good class, I tend to get sidetracked midway and the online quizzes forced you to keep up.


Phyl 301

This course is supposed to be really interesting but I haven’t been interested during any lectures.  During the first 4 weeks I was really into everything, and keeping up, and then I kind of just fell off the material if that makes sense.  I think its the fact that theres no midterm, no quizzes (no that one 2.5% quiz doesn’t count really..), no clickers.  I didn’t realize there was solo much memorization until the final, and I was pretty behind.  A lot of people spent the full 5 days after the last day of classes and the Phyl Final to study, but I didn’t.  I used the last week of classes to study Phyl, and then started studying for Stats since it was my first final.  I regret this because I know Stats, and worst case scenario I can BS and still do well because its math at the end of the day.  Spent so much time making a cheat sheet for Stats that I didn’t use on the final.  So anyways I was done Stats and used the day to review Phyl, but the stuff I’d reviewed the week before (Neurophysio mostly) was all gone, it was pretty bad.  I’m glad its a year long course otherwise I’d be really sad about my grade.  Especially since the final was really easy, just had no time.  As of this semester it is my first priority course, going to do a study group thing to help keep up.


Micb 302

This course I found really interesting, and its a lot of memorization, but its interesting so it sticks easier.  My favourite part of the course was the material, since I work at a hospital a lot of the case studies were things I’d seen so it was cool to see the relevance of what I’m studying in real life.  Now heres what I didn’t like..  So I feel like this course is a third year level course, but that its desperately trying to be a weeder course.  If I keep up with a course and study like crazy and don’t do phenomenal on a midterm i don’t give up but i do start slacking a bit.  The first midterm grading I was like wow they are grading really harsh, damn.  Like I answered all the questions confidently, but the smallest things you lose marks.  I feel like this class is part memorization/learning and part luck.  Your lucky if you wrote what they wanted, your unlucky if you answered differently.  My first midterm went way better than my second, which I expected since I didn’t keep up as much.  Regardless this is the type of stuff that just isn’t right, Micb 302 needs to be multiple choice, even if its tricky multiple choice I prefer that to writing everything I know and losing marks over random irrelevant stuff like this


aren’t organs made of tissues though….  like I said I would have loved this course if it was multiple choice, or even mc and short answer alternating.

Regardless of the technical issues, in terms of material I liked it wayyyyyy better than Phyl 301, and would actually recommend it, go to the tutorials, keep up, and go to class, the clickers are 10%!  So there are some free marks to get.


Germ 100

Actually this was my true favourite class.  It’s my first time taking a language since French in high school, and I was nervous because of the kids in the class who knew more than Beginners German.  Regardless the pace of the class was really good, I actually learned from the teacher more than the textbook [this has never happened at UBC for me…], and it’s also fun to know a language.  I already planned on taking it till the 300 level, and I definitely will after this class.  There are  a lot of free marks to get from German if you try: attendance, quizzes, online quizzes.  I really loved our teacher too her name is Eszter Lazlo, she was really good and fair.  The practice midterms were literally another form of the real midterm.  It wasn’t a million times easier than the real midterm [unlike some other courses eg. stats 200, micb302, the list goes on]  It was my highest grade at UBC ever, safe to say I don’t think I’ll ever see another A+ on my transcript till I graduate, unless Germ 110 goes well, fingers crossed!

And what am I taking next semester?  Germ 110, Phyl 301, Anat 391, Fnh 250, Isci 350

ALSO I get a lot of emails from people to send them practice midterms, finals, etc.  I got a new laptop this year so all that stuff is in my old laptop thats turned to crap.  It’ll take me a while to get all the files out but I will have a post with everything I have on there.

ALSO  I am selling my Stats 200 textbook if anyone is interested, bought it last semester.  And I am interested in buying FNH 250 if anyone has it. :)