It may be worth questioning everything in life even to the point where it depresses you. Just maybe.

One may question many things. High school, university, academics, friends, relationships, family, parents, siblings, the media, work, existence. When one finds meaning in what they do, then there is no problem. It is when one feels that there is no meaningful contribution from what they do or understand that causes problems. Everyone goes through this feeling a multitude of times in their lifetime. Anyone who says they haven’t is either ignorant or extremely lucky in the probability sense of the word. That all being said, these are my thoughts on “feeling meaningful” and I will NOT be talking about how to get past a lack of “meaningful feeling”. It is my belief that everyone has to find a solution to their problems on their own, whether it is literally on their own or through the help of others (or just plain random luck). Understanding why the feeling comes to be helps with finding your own solution.

At a university level, this feeling tends to show up during mid-terms, papers, and finals. Go figure.

With a lack of words, I shall leave off with this (dare I say it) inspiring trio on Youtube:

It’s gotten a lot of views already in the 7 days it’s been out and it probably is trending. By god I hope it continues to trend. Assuming it’s legitimate, then danggggg kids these days rock.