Infographic on Social Media and Productivity

Another infographic I was asked to share, this time on social media and its impacts on productivity. Although I personally believe that social media does often severely impact productivity (hence my recent quitting of Facebook), I don’t feel this infographic does a good job of making such a point. (eg. the time people are now spending on social media… …did it used to be allocated to studying? Or other things?) But perhaps I’m wrong. What do you think?

Social Media At Work
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Interesting Observations About Disgust

I thought David Pizarro’s TED talk on disgust was quite interesting. I thought it was interesting to explore the function of disgust, as well as the implications of disgust. Seeing disgust tied into both politics, social stigma, and simple perception to be incredibly interesting as well.

[Disgust] works through association. … This makes it very useful as a strategy if you want to convince somebody that an object or an individual or an entire social group is disgusting.

–David Pizarro

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Science: What Is It Up To?

This answered all my questions about what all those damn scientists are up to…

…I can’t believe I’ve been so easily influenced by them!

EDIT: This video was removed, by chance, right after I posted it. Too bad. If you can, check out “Daily Show: Republican Strategist telling us why science is bad”