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In today’s day and age we are more wary of what we do and what we say. As a society we strive to make sure that everyone is represented and respected. This ad by Burger King does not seem to take these values into account by displaying an ad that is inappropriate and inconsiderate of how people may view this particular ad.

The above picture is an advertisement by Burger King to promote their new “BK Super Seven Incher”. The advertisement uses absurd images and text to promote their new sandwich. While some may view this advertisement as humorous and creative, it is highly inappropriate especially in this age. Burger King uses two pictures to make up the advertisement. The first image is a woman looking sideways with her mouth open and red lipstick on. The red lipstick is important in highlighting this feature of the head, perhaps to make it stand out even more. On the other hand, the only other picture used in the advertisement is Burger King’s “Super Seven Incher”. It is strategically placed right in front of the woman’s open mouth while her eyes are fixated in that direction.

The poster uses highly sexual text and imagery to promote their new sandwich. The presentation of the woman and the sandwich can be easily compared to Oral Sex. Additionally, the phrase” IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY” is analogous to saying “She will blow your mind away” where “blow” is taken in the context of “Blowjob” which is a more common way of saying oral sex. The description echoes sexual language once again when it says “Fill your desire with something long, juicy…” I think that the ad sends a wrong and highly inappropriate message for its intended audience. It is basically stating that it is okay to write something highly sexual without considering the feelings of others. Moreover it also promotes the objectification of women by presenting her merely as a tool to achieve the sexual message they are sending out.

The recreated image addresses the problem of the first image. I replaced the image of the woman to remove the sexual component of the advertisement. I placed instead, an image of a man whose mind is being represented as literally blown away with a caption beside it saying “Hmm, they weren’t lying”. This connects better with the phrase they use when they say “It’ll blow your mind away” and it is more creative than just placing a woman’s head to advance their sexual innuendo. I also added “ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BITE” so that it flows better when it is read by the public “ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BITE. IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY”.

Ultimately, the main concern with the advertisement was the image of the woman and the following text they used which were highly suggestive of Oral Sex. While I did not change most of the text, it is nonetheless not suggestive of sexual behavior anymore. It is more suitable for kids and adults alike to look at while also promoting their new sandwich. Not only does it represent creativity but it also represents it in a positive light.

Burger King is not the first company to advertise using sexual imagery and text. This type of advertising is used to grab the attention of people but I believe that this type of advertising should be limited since our generation is highly attached to social media and technology which are the main platforms companies use to advertise their products. This in turn can shape how people think, especially younger audiences.

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