Richard Cavell

My teaching, research and supervisions are in media theory. Working broadly in the wake of my University of Toronto mentor, Marshall McLuhan, I have published three books on McLuhan and maintain the website Experimenting with critical performativity, I have published Marinetti Dines with the High Command (2014) and SpeechSong: The Gould / Schoenberg Dialogues (2020). In 2023, SpeechSong was presented as a video installation at the West Den Hague Cultural Centre in The Netherlands, part of their exhibition devoted to Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel Escher Bach. Forthcoming books include Mediatic Shakespeare (UTP) and The Explorations of Edmund Snow Carpenter: Anthropology Upside Down (MQUP). Co-founder of UBC’s Bachelor of Media Studies program, I teach courses in media studies and on the book as medium. I am currently supervising a dissertation on lyric poetry after Web 2.0.