Comment on “Synthesize New Ideas With People You Don’t Like” Post

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My comments on Twinkle Dhawan’s blog post: I agree with what Twinkle has said about working with people you don’t like. I believe that by doing so, one gets the opportunity to explore the mind of someone who thinks differently from you. Although it will be challenging to combine ideas together, the synergy should prove to be valuable. Each individual brings something unique to the table thanks to our personal backgrounds, life experiences, and personalities. The only issue that I see is the culture that may result from this situation. After our class on People, Culture, and Teams, I realized how important human interaction is in the workforce. Will working with people we don’t like affect our idea creation? I think that this may become a problem. Everyone has to be accepting of each other’s work process. The group dynamic may be rough and productivity levels may not be high. In conclusion, I believe there is a fine balance between working with people you don’t like and still creating quality work.

Twinkle also talks about putting ourselves out there and being uncomfortable. I definitely agree with this as the only way we can grow is if we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone. This is especially important in the business world where opportunities are rare and competition is fierce. As a businessperson, we must work hard and perhaps do uncomfortable things such as cold-calling, networking, or working up the nerve to talk to a top CEO of a company in order to move forward in our careers.