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My UBC Bucket List

… Kind of like the list people make of things to do before they die, only replace “die” with “graduate”. A work in progress.

  1. Visit wreck beach.
  2. Write something for The Ubyssey.
  3. Get on the radio station CITR.
  4. Find out where those mysterious translink community shuttles go.
  5. Apply to the UBC School of Medicine.
  6. Volunteer with The Bike Co-op, get The Key that unlocks all the free bikes around campus.
  7. Go to a Thunderbirds game.
  8. Do the Day of the Longboat.
  9. Spend a night in the UBC commuter student hostel after a 12-hour day of studying because I’m too exhausted to bus home.
  10. Get a group of stealthy night bandits together and repaint the E.
  11. Spend a sunny day exploring the lesser-visited parts of campus.
  12. Visit the Museum of Anthropology. (It’s free to UBC students!)
  13. Visit Nitobe Memorial Garden

Suggestions are highly appreciated! Leave them in the comments below.


1 nirel { 10.24.12 at 1:22 am }

11. Visit Nitobe Memorial Garden!

2 Monica { 03.18.13 at 3:37 am }

14. Participate in the Undie Run
15. Participate in Storm the Wall
16. Be a part of the UBC LipDub.

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