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Here we go again

Well, that was short.

It’s no secret that I love school and usually begin to miss it on day 3 or 4 of Christmas or summer break. Not this time – I had an awesome (albeit busy, and filled with studying) Christmas vacation, and I’d be lying if I said I looked forward to coming back to school the day after new years day. While we’re on the topic: Whose brilliant idea was that, anyways? (SFU, you win this one.)

Dec 19, 8AM: Day of my last final. Went hard on the cramming.

Dec 19, 11AM: Last final was cancelled due to snow. Studied anyways.

Dec 19: Wrote & sent 20 Christmas cards, mailed them 2 hours before the deadline. House cleaning, day 1.

Dec 20: House cleaning, day 2. Baked 5 vegan tropical cheesecakes.

Dec 21: Bought a Christmas tree. Hauled it home. Decorated it, part 1. Vespers with the crew.

Dec 22: Day of rest. Game night with the crew.

Dec 23: Studied for finals*. Christmas shopping + tree & house decorating.

Dec 24: More Christmas shopping. Celebrated brother’s birthday with dinner + cake. Sat by the fire and watched the nutcracker on VHS.

Dec 25: Made Christmas breakfast. Chilled out by the fireplace. Watched Santa Clause 1 & 2 while peeling potatoes and turnips. Made Christmas dinner. Ate 3x my body weight.

Dec 26: Studied for finals*. Went to one store for boxing day, remembered why I never go out on boxing day and returned home.

Dec 27: Studied for finals*. Packed for Seattle.

Dec 28-Jan 1: In Seattle for GYC. Saw tons of friends. Celebrated New Years at the Seattle Space needle. Went shopping. Wrote + finished + submitted my article for the CQ. Never ate because I was so excited, and thus, accidentally lost 4 pounds. Arrived home at 11:45pm.

Jan 2: First day of school.

* I actually have two finals and one midterm in the month of January. The two finals are for classes I took last semester that were rescheduled, and the one midterm is from a class starting this semester.

And so here we are. It still feels very foreign to be back on campus, but I know it’s only a matter of time before those longings of “seeing friends” and “having a social life” and “enjoying free time” give way to “hello my name is Chanel, and I live in the Irving K Barber Library, 3rd floor”.

Just kidding. Kind of.


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