From Dirt to Dollars

Our last class revolved around the idea of entrepreneurship and what it takes out of you to be successful. Indeed, it is not an easy path and it requires the innate ability to take risks. After reading about the green market on Forbes, it become apparent how great business ventures can come from the smallest of ideas. What inspires me though is the passion that these entrepreneurs have. They defy odds because of their simple love on what they believe.

With that said, green entrepreneurship is on the rise and this sector will grow at a rapid pace due to the high demand of issues.
The ‘Green Market Oracle’ predicts that ventures regarding environmental issues

will reach $2.74 trillion by 2020.

Phil Tepher of Kenai Sports is an example of a green entrepreneur. Inspired by change, he has created a way to develop clothing using corn husks, computer keyboards, soda bottles and other pieces of trash.

Then there is Sasha Lipton, who saw the waste in thrown-away toys. By collecting and cleaning toys, she has created a business called Second Chance Toys that gives away toys to children in need. Her company

has distributed more than 110,000 toys to disadvantaged children and has kept thousands of pounds of plastic out of our landfills.

Lastly, Steve Feldman has innovated the purchasing of kitchen and house hold items. His company, Green Demolitions, saves high-end kitchens and household items from renovations and demolitions and then offers them at a discounted price to luxury bargain hunters.

Entrepreneurs are a certain type of people; they are hard-headed individuals determined to forge their own way. Through risks and an immense passion, can entrepreneurs find success.

As a student at Sauder, learning about entrepreneurship was a great blessing that has got me thinking if something like this was for me. In truth, I find myself filling the criteria as an entrepreneur. I want to make that dent in the world, and I am bold enough to do so. Perhaps entrepreneurship will then be the career for me.


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