Sea turtles, circle hooks, and the keys to successful conservation.

Maybe, at some point in your lifetime, you have had the chance to encounter a sea turtle. On vacation? At the local aquarium? Did you feel the leathery skin or the tough shell? Or maybe the closest you’ve come has been through a movie or television show. Regardless, it’s highly probable the experience was positive, and one that will remain as a lifelong memory. But that’s where it stays, as a memory. Sea turtle populations are highly threatened in the ocean today, and if immediate measures aren’t taken to conserve and promote their recovery, future generations might never get the opportunity to see a sea turtle for themselves.

Take a look through the pages for an overview of sea turtles, an introduction to circle hooks, a review of the conservation organizations CIMAD and Projeto TAMAR, and our final thoughts on the road to successful conservation.

Sea turtles

Circle hooks


Projeto TAMAR

Final Thoughts


Header Photo Credit: Geoff Gulevich