Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the potential risks of participating in this study?

The surveys will include questions about your thoughts, feelings, and activities, that have no right or wrong answers to them. Some questions are personal and might cause discomfort. You can refuse to answer any questions that you do not want to answer.

  1. What are the potential benefits of participating in this study?

There may or may not be direct benefits to you from taking part in this study. You might gain insights about yourself by participating in this study. You might also enjoy the knowledge that you are contributing to information that could be valuable for developing programs aimed at health promotion or stress management.

  1. How will my personal information and data be kept private and secure?

Your personal information (specifically, your email address) will be stored separately from your responses to the survey. The survey data will be identified by a unique participant number that will not include any personal information that could identify you. Only the Principal Investigators and/or designate will have access to a list that matches your name to the unique participant number. The electronic data and computers will be encrypted and password-protected. Paper files will be stored in locked filing cabinets in the locked laboratory or in the Principal Investigators’ locked offices. In the event of any publications or presentations resulting from the research, no personally identifiable information will be shared because your name is in no way linked to your survey responses.

  1. Can I receive communications about the study results?

Yes, we will provide information about our findings. Participants can choose to receive a newsletter with updates about the study and research findings.

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