Research Objectives

  • At the heart of Post-Anthropocentrism and Critical Animal Studies is the goal of breaking down various (humanistic and capitalistic) barriers and litmus tests for inclusion.
  • Theorizing is essential in understanding the many moving parts that team together and uphold attitudes, institutions and industries that contribute to the climate crisis and the animal-industrial complex’s expansion.
  • While we aim to help better understand what is happening to nonhuman animals and the environment, PACAS goes beyond the study of human-nonhuman relations through aligning ourselves with an ethical imperative in dealing with the suffering, death and eradication of nonhumans.
  • This ethical imperative is emphasized as urgent and needing immediate action.
  • Challenging the brutal objectification and commodification of “nature,” free-living and domesticated animals.
  • Embracing the limits of human knowledge and urging the strict containment of our epistemic goals and methods.