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Brought to you by the CTLT Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Committee

Not Myself Today is an evidence-based, practical solution to help employers transform mental health at work.
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This workplace mental health initiative will help build greater awareness, reduce stigma, and foster safe and supportive cultures. 

Every month we will share a video, a resource and an action item tied to a specific theme. We encourage you to participate! 

July: Promoting Kindness

Being kind makes us feel better—and it’s contagious. Find out how kindness can bring positivity to your workplace.

June: Practicing Gratitude

Humans are hard-wired for negativity, our survival as a species depended on it. The good news is that practicing gratitude can increase our optimism, and can be amplified when we bring positivity to our social interactions.

May: Tips to Destress 

Not all stress is bad stress. “Positive stress” can propel learning, growth, and achievement at work. “Negative stress” is the type we want to address. Negative stress at work can come from a number of factors including workload, long hours, or lack of support. Prolonged negative stress can affect our mental health, from how we feel day-to-day to how we act, cope, and perform at our jobs.

April: Coping with Stress

Everyone experiences stress. Learning how to identify, manage and reduce stress makes you more resilient!

  • Video: Resilience Video
  • Resource: Stress Management
  • Action item: Fuel your body | Take time to stretch, schedule in some exercise this week, add lemon or other fruit to your water, share a meal with coworkers

March: Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a proven way to help us de-stress and re-charge. Take a few minutes out of your day, and feel the benefits.

February: Mental Health Basics

Mental health is a state of being. It’s about feeling good about who we are, having balance in our lives and in our thinking, and managing life’s ups and downs. It impacts how we feel about ourselves and other people. Like our physical health, mental health is a key part of our overall well-being.

January: Building Culture

Work culture can contribute to, and even enhance, our mental health. In a culture that is safe and supportive, employees at all levels can feel empowered to promote morale, productivity, collaboration and innovation.