Culture Jam Assignment

The advertisement that I selected for this culture jam assignment is one that advertises the Beats speaker to potential customers. In the original advertisement, the Beats speaker is placed in a hot dog bun that makes the Beats speaker seem like a sausage. Proportionally, the sausage is also made a bit longer and larger in size than the hot dog bun. With the hot dog bun underneath the Beats speaker, it looks like that one of the two young white girls is holding a hot dog. The facial expressions of the two young white girls included in the advertisement express “excitement”, “amazement” and “surprise” because both of their lips are in “O” shape, which could be the case that they are making the sound of “woo”, and their lips are in the same color as the Beats speaker. Audience are likely to first notice the red Beats speaker and the two red “O” shape lips when they first look at the advertisement and the red Beats speaker and the two red “O” shape lips may also be the symbol that stick to audience’s mind after they have looked at the advertisement.

I think the advertisement is problematic for four major reasons. First, the advertisement makes the Beats speaker resemble a man’s penis. Second, the advertisement only includes two young white girls with a Beats speaker that resembles a men’s penis and it does not include any older women, women with other skin colors and male figures. Third, the color red that is used on the two young white girls’ “O” shape lips and the Beats speakers could represent “hot” and “love”. Fourth, the two young while girls’ facial expressions and red “O” shape lips and the red long round shape Beats speaker may lead audience in thinking of a blow job. Therefore, I think sexism is expressed by the advertisement.

In the jammed version of the advertisement, I altered the original advertisement in three ways. Firstly, I made the red long round shape Beats speaker to become more like a man’s penis by adding a glans penis to its left to make it even longer, larger and noticeable. Secondly, I added sticking out tongues to the two young while girls to express their willingness and eagerness to lick the penis-like Beats speaker. Thirdly, I added a line that says “I licked it so it’s mine” to invoke the sexism involved in the advertisement. I think the jammed version of the original advertisement reveals the underlying rationale of the person who designed the advertisement because making the Beats speaker to resemble a penis may attract both male and female buyers. Male buyers may buy the Beats speaker because they think young white girls may be like the two included in the advertisement who will get excited when they see these Beats speakers. If these male buyers have these Beats speakers, they may be able to attract young white girls’ attention. They may even think possessing these Beats speakers can lead them to opportunities in meeting young while girls who are willing to offer them a blow job. Female buyers may also buy the Beats speaker because the advertisement presents the attractiveness of the Beats speakers. If Beats speakers can attract people’s attention and make people think of “hot” and “love”, they could also attract men and relationships. The Beats speakers can be great party tools.

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