Culture Jam Assignment

Copy of the Original Ad

Written Analysis

In this 2017 marketing attempt made by the Nestlé food company, the marketing team behind this advertisement wanted to showcase their 100% pure quality water in plastic bottled water through their 12 step quality process. In the above image, it illustrates their Nestlé Pure Life bottled water between the phrases, “PURE LIFE” and “BEGINS NOW.” Additionally, the background surrounding the text and the water bottle is shown with clear skies and clean water. To further emphasize the clean water, a reflection of the water bottle can be seen just under the water bottle. A person who sees this advertisement through billboards or other print mediums may interpret that if he/she buys Nestlé Pure Life plastic bottled water, they will help contribute to a cleaner and clearer ocean, which is not evident. As such this advertisement is really just selling disposable plastic water bottle. In addition, by indicating to customers that “PURE LIFE BEGINS NOW,” this may suggest to customers that purchasing their bottled water will lead to a sustainable lifestyle. However, being sustainable means using reusable bottled water, not disposable bottled water. Disposable water bottle brands’ advertisements often omit bringing awareness to potential customers regarding the consequences of drinking from disposable bottled water as opposed to reusable bottled water.

The underlying issue of this advertisement that I will be addressing with my jamming is the failure of Nestlé through this advertisement to bring awareness to customers that if they purchase plastic disposable bottled water from them, they will be contributing to ocean pollution. As such, Nestlé is conveying an incomplete and false message to the consumer.


Jammed Version of the Ad

Jamming Philosophy

In my jamming philosophy, I decided to change the original advertisement to point out Nestlé’s flawed message as well as how disposable plastic bottled water companies’ often do not convey the complete message of them. As our oceans are already heavily polluted with plastic bottled water, these companies should communicate to consumers of the consequences. The initial photo was simple with clear and clean water. However, I decided to contrast this clean look in my jammed version of the advertisement by editing polluted waters with plastic bottles on the bottom. Thus, this will show the dirty side of buying plastic bottled water. Moreover, I edited a photo of a fish swimming around plastic bottles at the bottom left corner to show that plastic bottled water negatively impacts marine life. If plastic bottles continue to pollute our oceans, future generations may not be able to see the amount of marine life we are able to see right now. Furthermore, by showing an image of polluted waters under the original advertisement, it can tell the viewer that the image below is what plastic bottled water companies want to hide, under the waters.  In addition, I crossed out “PURE” with red ink and replaced it with the word “JUNK” to further emphasize the consequences to our oceans of purchasing plastic bottled water. By continuing to purchase plastic bottled water, everyone in society will soon begin to live a junk life instead of a pure life. Through these alterations, I want the audience to critically think and be more conscious of the negative effects of buying plastic bottled water.