Academic Resources

Information regarding academic events and info sessions, as well as resources for undergraduate students in Geology and Geophysics will be posted here.

Past Dawson Club Hosted Academic Review Sessions:

Topic: 221 Review Session (Petrology/Seds) (Occurred on March 17)

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 826 4415 8492

Topic: 221 Review Session (Occurred on Feb 9, 2021)

No recordings.

Mineralogy 220 Lab Final Review Session / Q&A (Occurred on Friday, November 20th)

No recordings.

Mineralogy 220 LAB Midterm Review Session (Occurred on October 16th)

Watch the recorded Zoom meeting below:

Carbonates and Halides:


Sulphides Parts 1-3:

Native Elements:

Oxides & Hydroxides Part 1-2: