Thoughts on Genesis

Even though I’m as far from religious as someone could possibly be, it was still quite interesting reading the book of Genesis. I learned about the stories in Genesis during my many years of being forced to attend Hebrew school, as well as seeing many different interpretations of these stories on television in shows like the Simpsons. My parents are fairly religious themselves, and did their best to get my siblings and I to feel the same way. But I don’t necessarily think it’s correct to push religion upon your kids, I think that people should allow their kids to formulate their own thoughts and opinions on faith instead. I enjoy the fact that religion brings family and friends together, and also teaches you how to live morally, but I guess there’s just something about it all that doesn’t sit well with me.

I read and understood Genesis as an interesting and entertaining story, instead of thinking of it as a religious text. Though I can see why people would find religion interesting, I tend to take a more scientific approach towards things like evolution. I have a pretty strong opinion regarding religion, and would not want to offend anyone by being too open about my thoughts. I feel like this was a strange and controversial choice to be added to the reading list for Arts One, and I was initially surprised that a large public university would assign a book from the bible because of the general belief in separation of church and state.

Anyways, I look forward to the lecture on Monday, and also discussing the reading with my small Arts One group. I always find it interesting hearing other people’s differing opinions on controversial topics such as this one.


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