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A PRACTICAL UPDATE: This site is moving from ( to UBC Blogs ( Rest assured: the entire old site has been duplicated. Posts from November 2009 through August 2015 may include links that refer back to the old site. I’ll keep both sites going for the next while, in parallel…

The new site URL is:

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly.

Reasons for move: sense and economy.

  1. When first designing and building the site in 2009, it was O’Brien’s intention for it to be at UBC Blogs, as is proper for a UBC institutional research cluster. At that time, UBC’s blog-hosting capabilities were rather limited (aesthetics, media permitted, storage space, etc.); UBC Blogs is now more than adequate to the purpose.
  2. UBC Blogs is completely free to run and is ad-free. Blogs hosted at WordPress are not; being ad-free costs extra.
  3. WordPress data is stored outside Canada and not subject to Canadian and BC FIPPA and other privacy legislation. The servers used by UBC Blogs are here in Canada (to the best of my knowledge; if not, that is an issue to be pursued with UBC IT). That is a more appropriate location for any data and activity associated with a Canadian public institution.
  4. The WordPress site was attached to O’Brien’s personal WordPress account. It is more appropriate for an institutional research cluster’s site to be elsewhere, for the purposes of other potential future site administrators, as they might not necessarily have or wish to have WordPress accounts.

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