Getting involved

With the intent to advance the agendas of ethical production and dissemination of academic and creative labour, and of fostering a culture of intellectual collaborations and generosity,  the EarthCARE framework is licensed under a Creative Commons Agreement Sharealike 4.0. This means anyone can use the framework independently as long as the primary source is cited and adaptations are acknowledged. We would also appreciate if you would let us know how you are using it and how it is going.:)

If you are interested in joint projects, joining the network or participating in gatherings and retreats organized around the EarthCARE orientation, you are invited to join our mailing list by signing up here.

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We are planning a retreat for educators in July 2018 in Gorca, Slovenia. For more information, please subscribe to the list or send an e-mail to:

Creative Commons License
The EarthCare Framework by EarthCare Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.