Instructor’s Blog

Instructor’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. Below this post you will see previous posts from last semester’s class. This is the first Blog for our class. I will post a new blog regularly and include a link to each new blog on our Group FaceBook page. Please be sure to join that page now, if you haven’t already. Here is the link: English 301 .

Lesson1: 2: reflections on our Facebook chatter

By erikapaterson on September 10, 2014 @11:17 am

I hope you have all been following our FaceBook [FB] thread; there are some good questions worth addressing in a more formal location than FB. One of those questions revolves around concerns for getting formatting “right.” Here are some examples:

Monday’s Blog: Lesson 1:2

By erikapaterson on September 8, 2014 @8:40 pm

Monday Sept 8th/2014: I have begun the process of getting to know you all a little by reading your blogs, and while I am still in the process, I must say I am impressed with the general level of writing


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