Introducing: English 301

This website, Andree’s Adventures in English, will house my thoughts and assignments on UBC’s ENGL 301: Technical Writing. The main objective of this course it to learn to navigate writing in a professional world, and to use writing as a tool in technical and business settings.

The course is one term long and divided into four units:

  1. Principles, Practices and People in ENGL 301
  2. Designing a Report Proposal; Defining Terms with Audience in Mind
  3. Designing a Report Outline and Draft; Building your resume and job application skills
  4. Drafting the Formal Report; Peer Review of the Formal Report Draft

Each unit is 3 weeks in length, and is designed to develop our technical communication skills through both individual writing and team collaboration.

This course presents a unique opportunity to develop one’s professional writing styles in a classroom environment and to obtain feedback from peers. In a constantly evolving workplace, ¬†knowing how to communicate efficiently to different audiences is an important skill to have, and I am excited to learn more about presenting one’s self in a professional manner. Being a science student, I have¬† encountered many instances in which writing reports or project proposals are necessary and, while I enjoy writing, I tend to struggle recording my ideas in a concise manner. Additionally, especially now that I am applying for different career opportunities, it will be important to effectively market my technical skills and present myself to potential employers. In ENGL 301, I hope to not only learn this, but to also become more confident in my communication skills.