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Are you a prospective student? Looking to get to know more about UBC? Here is the page that will show you everything the prospective students book doesn’t. Check out my Top 10 lists that show you current, up to date, and fresh content that shows what UBC is all about and why I fell in love with this school.


1) Moving into Totem Park or Place Vanier? Read posts from my first year in Totem Park, here.
2) Want to read our twice-a-week student newspaper, The Ubyssey? They have articles and an abundance of fresh YouTube videos.
3) Want to know what happens every week on campus? Check out UBCevents weekly videos, here on the UBC YouTube Channel.
4) What do real university students look like? Check out Portraits of UBC, a project by 3rd year student Rabi Sun, that’s updated each weekday during the school year.
5) UBC REC’s The Point, an online magazine featuring all kinds of current content on UBC REC goodness.
6) Tweet much? You should type #ubc into Twitter or check out feeds from me, her, him, this, this too, that, and this thing.
7) The best of the best of my UBC experience, collected here.
8 ) My experience of getting involved at UBC, complete with high school photos, here.
9) AMS Confidential and UBC Insiders, student political blogs.
10) UBC’s radio station, CiTR. Listen online, here.


1) UBC SLC’s opening ceremonies video and “paint in the face” promo. (might of been made by me)
2) UBC REC’s TriDu 2011 promo.
3) Imagine Day 2011’s pep rally video.
4) A great TEDxTerry talk, about the Faculty of Arts at UBC.
5) “Engineers blow stuff up with Science” brought to you by the Ubyssey.
6) UBC REC’s Day of the Longboat 2011 wrap up video.
7) “Valentines Hero” where UBC guys sing to UBC girls outside their window on Valentines Day.
8 ) Lululemon’s 1st ever “yoga rave” in Gastown, catch me around the 1:50 mark.
9) UBC is getting its own brewery. Watch “Epic Brewing Time“, by the Ubyssey.
10) UBC REC’s Storm the Wall 2011, watch someone storm a 12 foot wall by them self.
11) Tourism Vancouver’s newest music video/tourism video.
12) Anything from the Ubyssey Weekly Show or their Usessions playlist.
13) More good footage of everyday life from the Ubyssey, here (baseball), here (smashing cars for cancer), here (3 minute thesis), and here (football).
14) Anything from This Week at UBC or UBC Events to see day to day UBC life.
15) “93 Things to do before you graduate” a good one that sums up a lot of campus jokes.
16) UBC Vote Mob, from the last Canadian federal election.
17) The annual Undie Run through Irving K. Barber Library, via the Ubyssey.
18) UBC LipDub (helicopters were involved).
19) Tilt shift UBC!
20) MINIATURE VANCOUVER! (video one and video two with snow)
21) Granville Street, all lit up.
22) Vancouver Decentralized Dance Party.
23) Faces of Today 2012 (also may have been made by me) but showcase 8 diverse UBC students: Tarini, Shelley, Armin, Hassan, Sam, Aviva, Angela, and Lauren.
24) Totem Park LipDub 2012, here.


1) Ever heard of a little team called the Vancouver Canucks?
3) Read the Vancouver Sun.
2) Getting around Vancouver? Look to TransLink.
4) Lululemon, a home-grown business that defines our city.
5) Listen to 100.5 The Peak online to hear local artists.
6) Vancouver Is Awesome, a blog started by a UBC grad.
7) Miss 604, free give-aways and everything that is Vancouver/Lower-Mainland.
8 ) Really obvious, but the Vancouver Tourism website has events and photos of the week.
9) The Inside Vancouver Blog.
10) Douglad Coupland’s website.

These lists are constantly involving and based upon my experiences of desperately getting to know UBC from Ontario while I was choosing which university I wanted to attend after high school graduation. I found that things like this helped. These lists will grow and change as campus produces more content.


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