Jan 2024: Our Philips MRI has now been upgraded to an MR7700 with increased gradient amplitude up to 65 mT/m and multi-nuclear capabilities! We already have coils for sodium (23Na) MRI and phosphorus (31P) spectroscopy!!

June 2023: PhD student Jason Reich won the Stefan E. Fischer Award at the Philips Pulse Programming Event at ISMRM in Toronto!

Apr 2023: MRS in Neuroinflammation book chapter that I co-authored with Ashley Harris from the University of Calgary is now online!


July 2022: Our project using fMRI to map real time changes in the brain during concurrent TMS and fMRI made it on the cover of the American Journal of Psychiatry!

Nov 2020: Our very fun and exciting project measuring glutamate in response to a painful stimulus has been published in Nature Scientific Reports!

Dec 2019: The UBC MRI Research Centre ramped up a new Philips 3.0T Ingenia Elition X