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    Original Ad.
  2.  Analysis
    This advertisement may seem to be a very innocent ad upon first glance, but there seems to be a lot of hidden messages that can be interpreted from this ad alone. This ad’s main purpose is to sell Pandora’s Disney Jewellery collection. Pandora is a popular jeweler that well known for their charm bracelets, bracelets and necklaces. Each season, they have different jewelry to match the themes. In this ad, they are selling the Disney collection.The first thing that caught my eye about this ad is the quote, “Celebrate the magic of love with the Disney collection”. This message depicts that true love is a commodity that could be bought and needs goods to validate it. On the left there is a picture of a couple; the girl is smiling and laughing with a man holding her from behind. She has a smile on her face and she is covered with Pandora’s Disney collection jewelry.I want to address a few things in this assignment. First, it is important to recognize that love is not an item that could be bought. Although men buys women jewelry that does not necessarily mean the relationship will be a success one. Another issue that I’d like to point out is that the ad suggest that it is the male that bought her goods as the male is not wearing anything from Pandora. This message gives the impression that in society males are meant to be the providers for the women. If so, does that mean that women cannot be happy without a male to buying jewelry for them?


    4.  Explanation

    In the jammed photo I added a few things. First, I wrote on top of the guy’s head “Whatever gets her to shut up” and for the girl, “Finally.. I’ve been hinting for weeks”. I’ve added these quotes as it is often the reality in real life. Girls expect jewelry and other gifts from men and they hint at it so men can purchase it for them. For men, they feel obligated to be purchasing these goods just to make the women happy, but whether they are genuine in the gift giving is questionable.

    I’ve also added “DO make her happy by buying her love”. This message needs to be clear because many women expect men to buy them things as that depicts their level of love and commitment from them. This is especially the case when it comes to engagements. Thinking about it critically, women are always the one waiting on men to propose. This suggests men have the power to call in the shots and the direction of the relationship. In other words, men have the full control in whether a couple gets married or not because it is based on if he purchases a ring and if he proposes.

    Under the text SHOP NOW, I’ve included the text “the more the better” because quality and quantity matter when it comes to buying gifts for women. Even though Pandora is promoting their Disney collection, they really want men to look at the entire catalogue and lure them into buying as much as possible for their significant other. Unfortunately capitalism have turned love into a commodity that essentially needs to be expressed through men purchasing jewelry for women. This also sets the tone that women must wait for men to purchase material things for them, instead of going out and buying jewelry for herself.