W2: Opportunity Horizon


Expert market predictions are a lot like fast foods – there’s an unaccountable appetite for them relative to their questionable nutritional value.   Given there’s no apparently healthy way to taste the future, are they better than nothing? Each of the reports in the Market Projections forum attempt to look at the future through a specific lens, hopefully to provide useful future-planning guidance for a defined audience (not necessarily educators per se). The purpose of this activity is for you to review and refresh our list of projections and provide a professional critique of these various crystal balls, specifically for their usefulness and value to those who care about learning technologies.

Please note that these Market Projections may have already been Rated and Reviewed by earlier 522 sections.  Your additional content curation will serve to refine and refresh their work.


1.  Rate & Review:  Browse the full set of Market Projections to select at least one (1) that seems especially valuable to you.  Look carefully at the source, along with existing 522 student reviews of it (if present), in order to provide your own Rating and Review (author a review only if you have something original to say that adds value to the existing reviews).  Focus on the following general criteria:

  • how, and how much, is this Market Projection useful and valuable to the the broader community of educators, as well as learning technologies specialists and venturers?
  • do you expect to seek out future versions of this report to help drive your own professional success, and also to recommend it to others in this regard?

2.  Source a New Market Projection: Go forth into the great digital world to see if you can discover and post an important new Market Projection relevant to emerging learning technologies. New sources should be:

  • New: please check that it isn’t already posted in the Forum.
  • Credible: an objective, research-based professional source.
  • Predictive: focused on convincing us about what will happen.
  • Recurrent: making predictions is a core competency.
  • Open: and accessible – not hidden behind a pay-wall

3.  Author:  If you find one worthy of sharing, post your new projection in roughly the same format as the existing ones, using the Market Projections Category.  In your Post describe why you think it is valuable to education professionals and EVAs everywhere.

Also, if your source compellingly argues for an emerging market segment that is not represented in our Emerging Markets Poll, don’t hesitate to Post this new topic there following the same format as the others.

Don’t post something that isn’t distinctively valuable – don’t worry if you can’t find a new source substantial enough to post (there are only a few great sources!); simply move on if not.

4.  Curate:  Near as possible to the end of Week 2, return to the projection you reviewed and recommend (thumbs up) the single review (including all reviews) you found most helpful, insightful and valuable.


All sources, critiques and responses should be posted by the end of week 2. In order for your own critique to be responded to, it would be best to post it a few days ahead of the deadline if possible.