W4: Founders Parade


Do you have what it takes to be a learning technologies entrepreneur?  The purpose of this activity is to get beyond speculation by walking in the shoes of a real entrepreneur.

You will select a learning technologies venture and find out who its leader is, making sure they are also a founder of the company. For-profit, non-profit, social enterprise and intrapreneurial ventures are all fine subjects. You might start your search with a product, service, company or emerging technology area that interests you, or browse through a list of learning technologies ventures such as those exhibiting at a major convention:

2024 CUE Conference Exhibitors (peruse the alphabetical list of exhibitors).


  1. Rate & Review:  Take some time to browse through the existing Founder’s Parade posts to get a sense of earlier contributions.  [n.b. – For this session only, as the Founders Parade has been restarted, please go to the ‘old 522 Founders Parade‘ to browse some founders there. Rather than rate and review there, if you are impressed with a founder there, please copy and paste the post into the ‘new 522’ here, with attribution to the original 522 author.] Choose at least one of these that resonates with you, providing a Rating and a Review (if you have something original and valuable to add), and perhaps Recommendations for existing Reviews (if they exist).
  2. Source a New Founder: Go forth into the great digital world to discover a learning technologies venture of interest to you and find out who its leader is. If the current leader is not a founder (usually this is apparent in their online bio), select a different venture. Also, please make sure that the Founder you’ve selected isn’t already on parade in our Forum.
  3. Author:  Introduce us to the founder-leader by posting a brief entrepreneurial biography using the  Forum “Founders Parade” category of our course blog.  As this will be curated content, please make sure that you’ve also got the Pulses and Ratings activated for the Post and Comments.  The biography should include most of the following information:
    • founder-leader name, title & photograph
    • venture name
    • a single paragraph description of the venture, its primary products or services, and its original value proposition.
    • a short bio of the founder-leader focusing on a critical analysis of their background, skills and motivation relative to the prospective and prescribed attributes of successful entrepreneurs.  Comment also on the apparent quality of their team, and their board and advisors. Remember that these are real people and your analysis will be visible online, so be professional.
    • any personal reflections this analysis has inspired regarding your own entrepreneurial potential.
  4. Curate: Beyond your own Forum Post, please Rate and Review at least three (3) of the Posts contributed by your peers. The objective of your Rating and Review should not be about whether the Post was right or wrong, or good or bad, but about whether the subject of the Post – the Founder – represents a strong role model for would-be entrepreneurs.


All founder Postings, Ratings and Reviews should be in place by the end of week 4.  In order for your Post to be responded to, it would be best to post it a few days ahead of the deadline if possible.