Metaari is an international market research firm that uses predictive analytics to identify revenue opportunities for global learning technology suppliers.

Metaari has been compiling country-by-country data on learning technology expenditures across seven regions of the globe since 2004. They offer a view of the global industry and can parse the data by product, by buyer segment, by region, and/or by country. Ambient Insight offers  country profiles for over 150 countries.

Metaari whitepapers can be found here.

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  1. sarka kubelikova

    I am always questioning why we often focus on the North American model of education and why we don’t take a more globalized approach. As many services and education is being transferred to online platforms the educational job market is getting more globalized and as such it becomes even more apparent that we need to look at global trends in technology.

    Metaari does an excellent job in analyzing technological global trends.
    Their research was very well organized and had a breadth of detail. It gave statistical and financial projects on several groupings of technology along with specific ventures that seem to have found traction. It was interesting to note the division of countries and how the language used would affect markets.

    I would definitely read the publications to get a better understanding of which ventures may make a global impact.

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    1. Michael Saretzky

      I do believe that is an excellent point Sarka, there are several other systems out there that seem to be working very well and better in many aspects than North America. I do believe many times societies are scared to borrow from others, in education and other aspects of society, as they feel like they are admitting they were wrong. Going through the most recent report was very interesting, as it provided examples from around the globe, although this also meant that not all apps or programs were available. Another issue I found was lack of correlation in some of the reports, such as the growth rates by region and the growth of product type. Although I am sure those figures could be available, I did not see them in this report.

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  2. ryan valley

    I found this projection to be the most valuable to me since it took a high level global view of Educational Technology markets, products and services, and reported on them in a very clear and concise manner. In 2020, global markets are inextricably connected and technology trends spread far and fast. Global political and economic volatility may pose some threat to this, but it will not halt the pattern of global interconnectivity. Even with the current political tensions regarding technology between China and the US, this year’s global pandemic has validated the need for increased adoption of digital educational technologies.

    If even a small percentage of the schools, universities, and companies which implemented new online learning practices and technologies during the pandemic maintain an increased digital learning position from the spike forced by coronavirus, it will still be a huge boon to our industry. COVID-19 has demonstrated just how connected global markets and flows of people really are, and to me this affirms the value of reports like this which provide a well written overview of international market patterns.

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