Hi everyone!

My name is Gary Reimer and I live in Vancouver with my partner and two cats. This is my fifth course in the MET program. I have been a teacher in a private language school for 25 years covering areas as diverse as academic English, Business, Tai Chi, and, in the last ten years, IELTS test preparation. The pandemic has brought tremendous change to the education industry and one goal for me in this course is to look for ways to improve and upgrade content delivery and overall student experience for my school as well as enrich my own understanding of the knowledge ventures space.

I’m a keen gardener and spend as much time as I can in the summer mucking around with spades and pails and the like. Here’s shot of me with this years zucchini which was prolific.

The MET program has been an amazing experience so far with each course having its own unique tone and emphasis am I really looking forward to being part of this Etec 522 learning community and creating some new ideas, ventures and synergies together.

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  1. johannes dirk wielenga

    Hey Gary, those look like some amazing looking Zucchini! I am lowkey jealous as my garden did not grow very well this year. It sounds like you have some great goals! Enjoy the course.

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  2. adrian wheeler

    Hi Gary, nice to meet you! I just started doing some (very) minor gardening this summer with basil and tomato on my balcony. Looking forward to learning with you!

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  3. Alice Shin

    Hi, Gary!

    I believe we assess IELTS together! I heard you were in this program and am glad to connect with you here.

    I’m sure we’ll touch base again, soon, either here or with IELTS,

    Cheers, Alice

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  4. Erica Hargreave

    I love that you have Tai Chi in your mix of teachables, Gary. That’s a practice I’d love to explore more.

    Licking my lips at the thought of all the scrumptious things that could be made with that beautiful, armful of zucchinis of yours.

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  5. Laura Ulrich

    Hello Gary!
    That is QUITE the haul of zucchinis! I have been trying to get a better green thumb this summer, though I think I helped my parents’ with their established garden more than starting my own! Perhaps one day I will harvest a bounty such as yours. Its nice to meet you!

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  6. kathleen mckenna

    I have always wanted to garden! It seems that gardening has become “trending” (??) since covid. I love that there has been a push to grow your own food. Where do you suggest I start if I wanted to get into gardening??


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  7. tara davis

    Hi Gary,
    That is a great photo of the zucchini. I just had a thanksgiving dinner last night with friends who are gardeners. Every vegetable was from their garden. I was totally impressed. My boyfriend and I built a garden during the COVID lockdown as did my parents and my housemates! It has been great to see things grow.

    So cool that you have taught Tai Chi. Of the four MET courses you’ve taken, what have been the most valuable to your learning? This is my first course, so I’m trying to plan out the rest of my program.

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