ICTC – Canada’s Digital Economy

Potential future pathways for economic growth in Canada was one of the reasons why I chose to pivot into digital technology; my educational background is where my experience intersects with the emerging. The ICTC’s focus on advancing Canada’s position in the global economy provides valuable insight into how the future of work could look with implications for the educational community.

Topics covered in ICTC’s Digital Talent Outlook 2023 are primarily economic, and include the changing nature of employment and drivers that will shape our digital economy, 6 key innovation areas, forecasting the demand for talent through 2023, 6 key innovation areas, and a pathway to fill the demand for digitally skilled talent.Of interest are the emerging technologies and growth sectors such as Cleantech, Interactive Digital Media, Health and Biotech, and Agri-Foods and Food Tech. This report also identifies employment forecasts across these emerging markets as well as the top 15 occupations across Canada’s digital economy including key digital and business roles. Specific attention is given to how the skills gap will be filled – Women in Tech, Youth/New Grads, Immigrants, Indigenous Peoples, Persons with Disabilities, and Career Transitioners.

The value ICTC offers to educators in the public-school system – unless they are in a position to influence the direction of curriculum or course content – may simply be for knowledge. I would, instead, recommend the ICTC to higher education and learning tech specialists creating digital training solutions within the emerging industries named above. For venturers, this data is key and would be useful in identifying trends to create new digital products and test their viability. I would expect future versions of ICTC reports to be useful and recommended for those in higher education or tech specialists / venturers needing economic data and forecasts to identify opportunities in the Canadian context.

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