Hello everyone

Hello everyone

My name is Amanda Kong and it is a pleasure to virtually connect.

As an online educator in curriculum development, student-centered learning and a sense of classroom community have always been crucial in my professional practice.  My work consists of senior science curriculum development in courses, which includes Anatomy 12, Life Sciences 11, Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12, and Science 10. In these courses, I place great emphasis on students to respect their own cultural heritage as well as others’ lived experiences and values in an interactive online classroom environment. In order to do so, I introduced experiential online labs, student reflection journals, continuous online forum discussions, and community projects to our online district’s curriculum. This has been my area of focus and research where I have presented professional development workshops and conferences. In order to present in these workshops, I used academic and online mediums to propose “Reconciliation of Indigenous and Science Perspectives”. My research question revolves around weaving Indigenous perspectives in blended Biology classrooms. Building on this research, I hope to learn more ways in ETEC 522 to encourage deeper learning and active engagement in online Science classes.

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  1. raafa abdulla

    Amazing experience! Have you ever worked to develop calculus or any math courses? I am very passionate with your learning strategies “experiential online labs, student reflection journals, continuous online forum discussions, and community projects”
    Hope you can share your experience with us.

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  2. AmandaKong

    Hi Raafa, nice to meet you! I have worked on pre-calculus courses, but my focus is on Sciences. I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you and the rest of the class.

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  3. tara davis

    Hello Amanda,

    It was very interesting to learn about your research question. You father studied anthropology and ethnobotany. He is currently a professor at UBC and I wonder if you may be interested to read one of his books, One River. It is a book about explorations and plant discoveries in the Amazon Rivers. He explores indigenous understandings of plants, something that has fascinated him for his whole life. I think your research question couldn’t come at a more critical time in Canadian history as we go through the truth and reconciliation. Thank you so much for making an important contribution to this process.

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