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Jason Field
Jason Field (LinkedIn Photo)

Jason Field is the founder and CEO of BrainStation, a company that offers digital skills training for corporate professionals with in-person and online certification programs in Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, and New York. While trying to learn the basics of web development while working full time, he couldn’t find an institution that offered the end-to-end product development skills that he wanted to develop outside of a four-year degree program in computer science; he had to create something that would work for him. BrainStation offers training for people who do not necessarily come from a technology background but who understand that there are important digital skillsets required in today’s job market.

Jason was featured on the Framework podcast on May 14, 2019, where he discussed the design and development of BrainStation’s data-driven student learning platform called Synapse. Synapse allows learners to access live lectures, complete lessons, and interact with industry professionals.

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Entrepreneurship does not just apply to the modes of learning. Comfort plays a factor too, and not just comfortable clothing. The bricks and mortar campus might offer courses in data analytics, python programming, cyber security, and search-engine marketing, but they are also home to Quantum Coffee, a place to continue learning and professional networking.

Specifically tailored, end-to-end professional learning for digital product marketing and product development are what make this founder worthy of a founder’s showcase.

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  1. Alice Shin

    Great company – your post is a reminder for me to check out their courses! And a great example of a young founder who created the solution he himself needed but couldn’t find in the marketplace.

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