Bizimply Pitch

Bizimply Wins the Web Summit 2015

This is a textbook pitch that provides critical information in a logical presentation.

  1. Mikey (the co-founder) defined the idea of his product: Bizimply would simplify management of hourly staff for businesses (businesses in hospitality, retail construction health care and more where 60% of all employees are hourly paid with 65% not having an email address for the place they work) 

2) Identifies a problem: the problem in these companies are still scheduling with paper and pen or Excel (no employee engagement) and there is low attendance

3) Provided a solution that is effective (a cloud-based platform that solves all the solutions for these companies that helps them engage with and better manage their workforce we’ve built the world’s best scheduling application where they can drag and drop shifts custom in seconds unless we send the schedule out their employees in a click for the employees we’ve given them mobile applications where they can manage their own schedule manager shifts messaging but more importantly they have place now that they’re connected with their place of work

4) Identified the market (revolutionising the attendance market, he’s already got great customers: Apple stores, WebSummit

  • over 600 employees every day Amba simply
  • Compared his idea and solution with the competition out there :the cost of product is 1 euro per employee per week, no free trials no contracts it’s a really quick and simple purchase decision for these companies that they don’t get with any other provider 

5) Presented the financial gains : the market is huge: just three hundred and eight million globally hourly paid employees in just

  • our target market that’s a 16 billion dollar market where you look at the UK and Ireland alone it’s over 18 million hourly paid.
  • Stated where he stands and what are the milestones: In January the company has been growing at 20 percent every month with over 300 companies. There’s over over six and a half thousand employees clocking in 
  • employees : we’ve grown to 13 people we plan to double that in the coming months

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