Hello from Joe and Joyce!

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  1. shaun holma

    Hi Joe and Joyce,

    You two have a very worthy goal for completing the MET program. It must be very rewarding to not only have a direct impact on your lives but also the lives of so many other people. Good luck.

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  2. joseph kwan

    Hi Shaun, thank you for your kind words!

    Yes, that is our goal & hopefully we are able to achieve our objective.

    Take care!

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  3. luke pereira

    hi Joseph! this is awesome – i always try to learn and hope to have some tangible outcome from my research and learning. Hoping that it can improve upon a product or the quality of life for other groups.

    Nice to meet you both !


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  4. joseph kwan

    Thanks Luke.

    Kudo’s for doing another Master’s (Inclusive Design at OCAD) – you must be a busy guy!

    I look forward to learning from Dr Vogt, yourself & others this term.


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  5. adriana silvestre

    Thank you for the video Joe and Joyce. It was very interesting to meet you both through the combo video.

    Looking forward to learning with you in this course,

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  6. Joyce Lo

    Nice to meet you all! I look forward to learning and collaborating with you.

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