Founders Parade Lack of Diversity

I just clicked through the media view and in one pane was able to see of the images of founders in one screen.

So I counted all of our classes contributions and we have posted only two female founders of 23 total founders. I am sure there would be a similar divide across race, ethnicity, or other minority groups.

Now I’m writing this as a white male, who also chose a white male founder, so I hold absolutely no righteousness. I just noticed it and think it is worth drawing attention to and discussing.

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  1. joseph kwan

    Thanks Adrian for bringing this to our attention.

    The Founder I chose (Satoshi Sugie) is a Japanese male, so while I was previously aware of the “race factor”, I did not draw attention to the “gender factor” until now.

    Thank you for bringing this forward. With today’s increased attention on IDEI (Indigenuity Diversity Equity Inclusion), it is important for us to be aware & discuss these issues.

    Personally speaking, I am an Asian male working within an Indigenous organization & they have entrusted me with certain responsibilities.

    Regardless of our race/gender/abilities, I believe we all have a role to play & am thankful to be in this class with you all to have meaningful discussions like this.


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