(A1) Analyst Report: Immerse Me

Hello everyone, I decided to do my report on Immerse Me as it is a program I recently heard of but did not know much about. Immerse Me is a VR program made for language learning and is one of the newer VR programs in the market. In my report you can visualize how students have been using the platform so far and asses its place in the current educational world. Although it is new and admittedly has lots of room for improvement, it could be a step in the right direction to keep up with the growing interest in new and engaging learning technologies. My report can be accessed here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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  1. SallyB

    Hi Tiffany!
    Neat software! I’ve never researched/reviewed anything like this before.
    The video showing how student’s/learner’s interact with IMMERSEME was fantastic!

    I agree with your analysis of the competition; I think using real life footage in the scenarios IS a distinct advantage. I’ve started trying to learn another language several times over the years, usually ahead of travel, and my brain has ALWAYS frozen as soon as I encounter a REAL speaker in the real world. Maybe software like IMMERSEME could help overcome that.

    I guess I don’t know much about VR, but I also really like how they’ve released a desktop, tablet and VR version. It would be interesting to compare the experience across the different modes and understand what the advantages of choosing the VR experience (rather than the desktop experience) are for the learner.

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    1. tiffany ku

      Hi Sally, thank you! Yes- that is also my experience exactly! Something about it being spoken by a real person and having a time pressure to reply ASAP haha. I think it is an advantage to have both as well since some people are claustrophobic or have oversensitivities and may not do well with VR headsets.

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  2. Lyon Tsang

    Hi Tiffany — seems like a great use of VR in presenting real-life scenarios, places, and people rather than just using VR for the sake of it! I like the instant feedback piece as well where students are encouraged to actively think about and work through mistakes in order to keep moving forward.

    I wonder how quickly the company can come up with new content / materials?

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    1. tiffany ku

      Hy Lyon- totally! A great point you brought up- I would imagine filming a 360 scenario, finding local speakers to participate, and getting the rights to film private properties is no easy feat! However with a growing team of employees hopefully they will get the process streamlined as they expand their offerings!

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